Intranet Banking

This projects handles operations realted to a Bank through an Intranet application using ASP.NET.

The following are the steps to related to be taken to run this application in your system :

  1. Download and unzip it into any directory in your system.
  2. Start IIS (Internet Information Services) and crate a virutal directory with the name bank that maps to the physical directory into which you extracted the application ( For ex: c:\projects\bank).
  3. Start Query Analyzer of SQL Server and connect as sa
  4. Create a new databse with the name Bank using CREATE DATABASE BANK
  5. Make BANK the current database using USE BANK
  6. Create tables by using the file tables.sql that is present in the application directory.
  7. Open the project from application directory using Visual Studio.Net 2003. It allows you to see and modify the code.
  8. To run the project; use the virutal directory created as follows:


    Or run it from Visual Studio.Net