This application allows registered users to upload files into server, so that they can access them from anywhere. It allows users to create folders and add files to folders. This resembles Yahoo Briefcase.

This project is developed using ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005 express edition, CMail Server, Visual Web Developer Express Edition. The language used for coding is C#.

The following topics of ASP.NET 2.0 are used in this application:

The following is the structure of tables to be created. However ASPNET_USERS table is already created as part of Configuring the application using ASP.NET Website Administration Tool. So you have to create only FOLDERS and FILES tables.

Steps to download and run the project

  1. Download briefcase.ZIP and unzip it into any directory in your system. (For example if you extract to d:\ then it will create a directory d:\briefcase)
  2. Open Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition or Visual Studio.NET 2005.
  3. Open the project from the directory into which you extracted project.For example, d:\briefcase
  4. Select Website -> ASP.NET Configuration
  5. In ASP.NET Web site adminstration tool select Security Tab
  6. Click on Use the security Setup Wizard to configure security step by step
  7. Click on Next in step 1
  8. Select  From the internet  in step2 and click on Next
  9. Click Next in step3 and step4 to go to step5
  10. Provide details of new users
  11. In step6 the settings are already configured as we have a preconfigured web.config file in the project.
  12. Click on Next and then on Finish.
  13. At this stage you must see ASPNETDB.MDF in  App_Data folder of your project.
  14. ASPNETDB.MDF contains ASPNET_USERS table and other tables. So, we still need to create FOLDERS and FILES tables.
  15. Create the stored procedure as shown below:
  16. CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.AddFolder
    	@fname varchar(50),
    	@fdesc varchar(300),
    	@userid uniqueidentifier
      insert into folders (fname,fdesc,userid,createdon) 
      values (@fname,@fdesc,@userid,getdate())  
  17. Goto Solution Explorer and make login.aspx the startup page.
  18. Run project from VWD 2005 Express Edition.
  19. You should see login.aspx page.