Enquiries and Intimations Tracker

This web application is used to keep track of enquiries of a typical training institutue such as Srikanth Technologies. It allows counsellors to store details of Enquiries, Courses, Batches and Intimations sent through mails to enquirers. The following are the major operations in this application.

Steps to download, deploy and run this project

The following are the steps to be taken to run the existing part of the application. Sql Server database, which contains all required table and stored procedures, is boundled along with this application.
  1. Download enquiries.rar and unzip it into any directory in your system. For example, if you extract to c:\ then it will create a directory c:\enquiries.
  2. Open Visual Studio.NET 2010
  3. Open the website from the directory into which you extracted the .rar file. For example, c:\enquiries
  4. Database (Database.dbf) is placed in App_Data and it contains required tables and stored procedures
  5. Go to Solution Explorer and make login.aspx the startup page.
  6. Run project from Visual Studio.NET 2010
  7. You should see login.aspx page.
  8. Login using loginname - joe, and password - j. You can add more counsellors by adding rows to COUNSELLORS table
  9. Test the rest of the options.