Knowledge Management System

This web application is aimed to allow students in a college or employees in an office to share there knowledge by uploading documents such as PDFs, PPTs etc.

The following are major activities in this application.

Technologies and Products Used

Steps to download, deploy and run this project

The following are the steps to related to be taken to run the existing part of the application. This project makes use of membership feature of ASP.NET.So, we have to configure the website using ASP.NET Configuration tool as explained below.
  1. Download and unzip it into any directory in your system. For example, if you extract to c:\ then it will create a directory c:\kms. The download contains all pages but it has NO DATABASE. We have to create database objects using ASP.NET configuration tool as well as manually.
  2. Open Visual Studio.NET 2005 or Visual Web Developer 2005.
  3. Open the project from the directory into which you extracted project.For example, c:\kms
  4. Select Website->ASP.NET Configuration option
  5. Select Security tab
  6. Select Use the security Setup Wizard to configure security step by step.
  7. Select From Internet option in Step 2
  8. Create a new user in Step 5
  9. Click on Next button in the remaining screens and finally click on Finish.
  10. It create a database called ASPNETDB.MDF with required tables and other database components
  11. Open the database in Server explorer or Database Explorer and create tables - KMS_CATEGORIES and KMS_POSTS. The structure is shown in the picture below. ASPNET_USERS table is already created by ASP.NET. It is shown as it is parent table for KMS_POSTS.

    Create the following stored procedure in the database.

    CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.RecentTenPosts
       select  top 10 pid, title, description, cid, cname,filename,
       case filename 
        when '' then null
        else ltrim(str(pid,5) + '_' + filename)  end  as PhysicalFilename,
        postedon, postedby , username, Rating = (excellent * 5 + good * 4 + average * 2 + poor * 1)
                     / case excellent + good + average  + poor
                        when 0 then 1
                        else   excellent + good + average + poor
        from  kms_posts p inner join kms_categories c
        on  p.category = c.cid  inner join aspnet_users u
        on  p.postedby = u.userid
        order by pid desc
  12. Goto Solution Explorer and make login.aspx the startup page.
  13. Run project from Visual Studio.NET 2005 or Visual Web Developer 2005.
  14. You should see login.aspx page.