School Projects

These projects were developed with SQL Server 2000 as the back-end and ASP.NET as the front-end. Code was written in Visual Basic.Net and Visual Studio.Net was used to develop the application.

These projects were developed in an ASP.NET batch as classroom projects ( to show how to consolidate various topics to develop a complete project).

This project is consisting of two projects, which are:

How do you run?

You have to follow the steps given below to run these projects - Myschool and MySchoolAdmin.

  1. Download into your system.
  2. Unzip using WinZip.
    You get two directories - MySchool and MySchoolAdmin .
  3. Create two virtual directories one for MySchool and another for MySchoolAdmin. The virtual directories must point to physical directories into which you extracted the file.
  4. Set default page in IIS for myschool virtual directory as home.aspx.
  5. Connect to SQL Server as user sa.
  6. Create a database in SQL Server - CREATE DATABASE MYSCHOOL .
  7. Make myschool database the current database by using - USE MYSCHOOL command.
  8. Create tables required for these applications by running CREATE TABLE commands that are found in the file tables.txt in myschool directory.
  9. Insert some sample data into tables
  10. Open the required application in Visual Studio.Net 2003 and run it.

Note : Some of the operations are not implemented. Students are expected to write code for those operations. They are left as assignments to students.