Oracle For Beginners - Srikanth Pragada

This book on Oracle is to teach beginners how to use Oracle to store, retrieve, manipulate and process the data. This book starts with fundamentals of relational database management system and goes upto advanced topics such as native dynamic sql and distributed database.

I strongly recommend this book to all beginners of Database systems and in particular to those who want to understand fundamentals of Oracle database.

In case you don't have enough time to read the entire book, at least read first 11 chapters to get clear idea about what Oracle and SQL are all about.

For better availability I am making chapters available in PDF format.


  1. Introduction to RDBMS
  2. Introduction to Oracle
  3. Getting started with Oracle8i
  4. Creating sample tables
  5. Changing structure and data
  6. Arithmetic and Date Functions
  7. String, Conversion,and Miscellaneous functions
  8. Grouping Data
  9. Joining Tables
  11. Subqueries
  12. Indexing, clustering, sequence, and pseudo columns
  13. Security
  14. Report Generation using SQL*PLUS commands
  15. Introduction to PL/SQL
  16. Control structures
  17. Exception handling
  18. Cursor Handling
  19. Procedures,functions and packages
  20. Database Triggers
  21. LOBs
  22. Object Types
  23. VARRAY and Nested Table
  24. Native Dynamic SQL

This book covers features of Oracle8i. I never got enough time to upgrade this book to Oracle11g, so I have posted some articles regarding what's new in these new versions in the articles section of this site. Please check the following URLs for those articles.

You can download the scripts used to create sample tables and insert data into those tables.

After script is downloaded run the script at SQL prompt in SQL*PLUS using START command.

Script to create sample tables

Script to insert data into sample tables

If you have anything to say about this endeavour of mine, please post your feedback. Your feedback can make a lot of difference.

Srikanth Pragada