Visual Basic 6. 0 - Teaches Through Examples

This book on Visual Basic 6.0 was written by me in the year 1999. This book was written for beginners who want to learn VB 6.0 on their own.

This book is full of simple examples and important points. No lengthy paragraphs of text. It contains various programs. I suggest you try each program and also try assignments.

To be very honest with you, VB 6.0 is a thing of past. The order of the day is Visual Basic.NET. But still this book can server your academic purpose.

We see people coming to Srikanth Technologies asking for a copy of this book. Unfortunately, we don't print any more copies of this book. That is the reason why a copy (e-copy) of this book is made available here.

It is a single zip file. Download by clicking on hyperlink below and enjoy the book.

If you have anything to say about book, please send a mail to

Download .ZIP File

Happy Learning.

Srikanth Pragada