Learning FAQs

Which is the recommended order of learning for an application developer?
I suggest the following order:
  1. C Language
  2. Oracle
  3. Java Language
  4. .NET & ASP.NET
  5. Java EE (also called as J2EE)
The last two can be interchanged according to your convenience.

Which is the best programming language to start with?
I would say, it is not about best but it is about what is done by many. Though PASCAL is the best language to learn programming with, it is not used as it has no commercial value. So, C has become the best choice. Learning C will also help you in understanding other languages such as C++, Java, and C# easily.

Can I learn Java without any prior knowledge of C Language?
No. I don't recommend it. Learning C will help you understanding programming fundamentals like variable, loops, arrays, function etc.

Then when you go to Java, you can concentrate on bigger things like Object Oriented Programming, Interfaces , Collections etc.

So, i suggest write a few dozens of programs in C and then move on to Java. The other benefit with this is; you also know C Language, which still has its own value in the industry.

Do I need to know C++ before Java?
NO it is not required. However, it depends on the trainer or the author of the book that you read.

Java and C++ are meant for two different purposes. Of course they are two widely used OOPLs (Object Oriented Programming Languages). Knowing one is not a prerequisite to another.

However, C is the prerequisite to both these language as these two use the same control structures of C.

What is the importance of Oracle?
Oracle is a DBMS (Database Management System) used to manage the data of the companies. As data is considered to be the most important asset (at least one of the most important assets) of the company, DBMS, which manages data, is also equally important.

A student must understand the concepts of database and languages like SQL and PL/SQL.

Whether you are a Web/Application Developer, Database Administrator, ERP person or even a simple user, you will be benefited by the knowledge of Oracle.

What topics of Oracle are of importance to a typical Java or .NET developer?
Oracle is getting bigger with every new version. I feel the following are the topics you must concentrate on:

What is the best order to learn Java and .NET?
Java and .NET are meant for the same purpose - developing business and web applications.

You can learn them in any order or even parallel if you can handle them.

However, the knowledge of Database and C Language is required before you get on to either of them.

Java EE is comparatively tougher then .NET. Learning Java EE after .NET will make Java EE easier(if you are planning to learn both).

What is certification? What do they prove? When and where are the exams conducated?
Companies need a way to know whether a candidate is good at a particual language or technology. This is done by certificates awarded by companies like Microsoft, Sun and Oracle.

Certificate will be issued only after you get through an online examination conducted by the respective company.

This online exam can be taken by candidates anytime in any of the prometric testing centres ( centers authorized by companies to conduct exams). The exams are tough to ensure only candidates with proper knowledge can get through.

Each certificate tests your skills in one area. By getting certified you prove to industry that you are conversant with that area.

Is certification important? Will certificate alone be enough to secure a job?
Yes. It is important to prove that you know the language or technology well.

Companies give preference to candidates with certificate over others. However, companies do interview the candidates with or without certification.

Certification proves your technical ability. You have to have other skills like communication etc.