Srikanth Technologies FAQs

What is Srikanth Technologies?
Srikanth Technologies is a software training institute. But unlike a typical training institute, here the founder,P.Srikanth, takes all classes himself. There are no other teaching staff. Of course it has lab facility and there are lab faculties to assist students in lab.

There is no substitute to quality. We don't have any marketing executive and no discount schemes to attract students. What we have is pure quality and professional approach to teaching. Our syllabus is designed to lay foundation and at the same prepare students for future technologies.

Who is P.Srikanth?
P.Srikanth is the founder of Srikanth Technologies and the one who runs the show. He is just a dedicated trainer and loves to give his knowledge to as-many-as possible. He started his training career in 1991 with a class on C pointers.A self-taught professional, learnt all that he teaches now-a-days on his own through books and other sources.

He spends 8 to 10 hours on training in a day and the rest of the time on learning new things.

He thinks, to be an IT person, one must be a student for life-time.

What is the attitude at Srikanth Technologies?
Srikanth Technologies is to impart training in higher-end modules like Java, J2EE and .NET. It doesn't teach MS-OFFICE, C and other elementary modules.

It is the place where students come to learn how to develop business applications. It is where you prepare for the real challenges of the industry.

We value your time as much as ours. You don't have to wait for faculty and wonder when class might be canceled. The entire training is professional. We believe classroom is a sacred place and place sit in classroom not to pass time but to build their carrier.

We teach what a student needs NOT what we know. Our batch schedule, syllabus and course fee are made very transparent as we have no reason to hide them. You can all details through this website.

What do you mean by theory only?
Gone those days where buying a computer is a matter of Rs.50,000 or more. So, even a student from a middle class is able to buy a computer for himself ( also thanks to loan schemes).

That means a student is able to do practical on his/her computer at home. Even the softwares are available for free download in the Internet.

A student joining in Srikanth Technologies can opt for theory only. That means he is just interested in classroom sessions and would want to do lab on his/her own. This allows students to pay for only what they take and need.This concept was introduced by P.Srikanth in 1998 when he started taking classes on his own. The downside of it is, students have to handle all problems on their own - right from installing the software to correcting mistakes in programs. This could be ok for some but not an ideal option for some. The ball is in your court.

However for those who want to have a ready-made platform with people to assist, lab is provided at extra cost.

What teaching method is followed?
It is entirely demonstration based. Every concept is explained then implemented. Every program is explained and run to show the process involved.

The classroom has a LCD projector for demonstration and a whiteboard (though rarely used). ZOOMIT software is used to highlight area of the screen that need more emphasis. SmartPen is used to draw required diagrams.

Pictures and points related to each concept and programs are provided to each student in the form of course material and programs booklet.

When and how discounts are offered?
Those who are interested in giving discounts always look for occasions to give discounts.

At Srikanth Technologies, the word discount has no place. We don't give discounts for any occasion for any reason.

Instead we keep the course fee reasonable and affordable. Quality has a price. And remember it is your quality that will be paid tomorrow when you get into IT industry and nothing else. We welcome people who understand this. We for those who do NOT understand this, there are many other options.