Srikanth Technologies

Android Programming

This course is meant to teach how to build applications for Android platform.

Prerequisite Java Language (Java SE)
Theory Fee Rs.4000/-
Lab Fee Rs.750/-
Course Duration 40 Sessions
Description This course teaches how to develop Android Applications

Introduction to Android

  • Introduction to Android Platform
  • Android Stack
  • Android Versions and Installing Android SDK and updating SDK components
  • IDEs and ADT
  • How to use Emulators
  • Android vs. Other mobile platforms

Your First Android Application

  • Application Life Cycle
  • Application Components
  • Activity life cycle
  • Manifest File, Layout XML Code
  • Strings, The R File
  • Java Source Code
  • Java based layout vs. xml based layout
  • IDE related tools
  • Logging

UI Design for Android

  • Using different layouts – LinearLayout, TableLayout etc.
  • Drawable Resources
  • Resolution and density independence
  • Working with common widgets
  • Working with ListView and Adapters
  • Creating and using option menu
  • Working with preferences
  • Working with Dialogs and Toasts
  • Working with Graphics and Animation

Introducing Intents

  • Intents
  • Intent filters
  • Invoking activities by class name and URI
  • Sharing data using Extras Bundle and URI parameters
  • Working with Tabs and Fragments

Files and Database

  • Using File System
  • Introducing SQLite on Android
  • Database Connectivity
  • Cursors and content values
  • Using ContentProvider to share data
  • Understanding Security model

Working in background

  • Introducing Service and its life cycle
  • Creating and starting a service
  • Types of services
  • Working with multi-threading and AsyncTask
  • Broadcast receivers
  • Triggering receivers with intents
  • Responding to system events using Broadcast receivers
  • Using Alarm

Using System Services and Web Services

  • Using Location based Services
  • Telephony and SMS services
  • Bluetooth, Network and WiFi
  • Multimedia and Camera
  • Network programming
  • Consuming Restful services from Android Apps


  • Understanding the requirement
  • Designing the interface and architecture
  • Best practices regarding application design and development
  • Writing code and testing it
  • Preparing application for Publishing
  • How to publish to Android Market and Physical device