Srikanth Technologies

Batch Schedule

The following are the batches that are currently scheduled.

CourseTimingStart DateNo. of ClassesEst. End Date
Java SE 9.0 - Core Java (Classroom and Online)07:00-08:00 AM (IST)20-FEB4005-APR
Microsoft.Net (Classroom and Online)08:00-09:30 AM(IST)20-FEB3602-APR
C Language (Classroom and Online)07:00-08:00 PM (IST)02-MAR3511-APR
Java EE 8.0 - Advanced Java (Classroom and Online)05:00-06:00 PM (IST)09-MAR4024-APR
Java SE 9.0 - Core Java (Classroom and Online)06:00-07:00 PM (IST)09-MAR4024-APR
Python Programming (Classroom and Online)08:00-09:00 PM (IST)09-MAR4024-APR