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My Favourites

Here are books, videos and websites that I personally liked a lot and strongly recommend.


The following are websites that I like and use to enhance my knowledge. Provides simple and precise tutorials covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and many others. Provides a lot of videos to learn Maths, Physics, Finance, Programming and many more. If you can't find solution to your technical problem elsewhere, do search in stackoverflow to get answers. Lots of tutorials that are easy to follow as they are precise and concise. Hosts a lot of video courses covering a lot of technical and non-technical topics. Some courses are free and some are to be purchased.

Here are my courses in [C Language For Beginners]   [C Language Interview Questions] Provides a lot of video courses covering all advanced topics like AI, Data Science, Programming and many more. This provides video courses created by various top universities like Stanford, Yale University, Johns Hopkins, National University of Singapore.


The following are books I enjoyed reading.

Inspirational Videos

These are some of the videos that I found quite inspirational.