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Srikanth Pragada is the trainer and founder of Srikanth Technologies, a software training company. Srikanth conducts training on C, Oracle, Microsoft.NET, Python, Data Science, Angular and Java. He is webmaster of this site and writes the entire content of this site. This website is meant to provide his blog, programs, online exam, projects etc. to learning community.

CourseTimings (IST)Start DateEnd DateFee# Sessions 
Java EE + JPA (Hibernate) + Spring [Hybrid]06:00-07:00 PM30-JAN18-MAR600036Register
Java SE 19 [Hybrid]07:00-08:00 PM02-FEB20-MAR500036Register
Python [Hybrid]08:00-09:00 PM02-FEB20-MAR500036Register
React [Hybrid]05:00-06:00 PM03-feb17-FEB240012Register

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