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Books and Course Material by Srikanth Pragada

The following are the books that are written by Srikanth Pragada. These books are of immense use to beginner. These books best used as courseware while undergoing programmes conducted by Srikanth Pragada at Srikanth Technoloiges .

Some of these are printed and available for sale at Srikanth Technologies and others are available in electronic form (Kindle Edition) only at Amazon.

For books that are published, answers to exercises and corrections are made available here.

C Language For Beginners (2017 Edition)

Answers to exercises of Java course material(2016 edition)

Oracle Database 12c For Beginners

Answers to exercises of Java course material(2014 edition)

C Language For Beginners (Second Edition, 2014)

Answers to exercises of MS.NET 4.5 course material

Answers to exercises of Java course material (2012 edition)

Visual Basic 6.0 - Teaches Through Examples