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Video Tutorials On .NET

In the recent past I have come across two good websites that offer free video tutorials on .NET. 

First of these two is,  a good website by Bob Tabor, who is a MVP ( Most Valuable Professional for C#). It was created in 2002 and started getting more aggressive in the recent past. It is already having hundreds of videos. It is planning to add a lot more. 

There are some free videos available in this site. In case, you want to enjoy all the videos that are available now and that will be available in future, the best way to get them is to take lifetime  membership (sounds like lifetime mobile connection offer from Airtel and others).  Well, it will cost you $199.95.  I know this is good amount of money here in India. But may be worth, if you have no other way to keep track of developments in .NET. Especially those who don't like the idea of reading a lot of books and articles.

They are planning to have a lot of videos (a few hundreds) on all areas of .NET (already they have quite a lot).

The other website is It is covering more ground as it has many people to contribute. It offers various kinds of help to learners, like DVDs, Videos and other options.  Check out the details in the website.

Remember, we are all sailing in the same boat (I mean, you, me and every one concerned with IT).  We all have to upgrade our knowledge every now and then. In fact, the pace has picked up in the recent past. I see a change in every two years.  Java, .NET and Oracle are coming up with a new version every two years.

If you don't upgrade, you lose your competitive edge. Once hero, you could be zero next year.

We all have to deliver goods every day and every time. You are as good as your most recent performance. Look at the Indian cricket team that failed to make it to the next round in World Cup. They are criticized by everybody. Well, they are professionals (paid to play), so they are expected to deliver every time they get on to pitch, and so are we (IT pros).

Make the most of resources available. These two websites that I mentioned have some free videos. So download and enjoy them.

If I seem biased, I am sorry, but I feel the best way to learn is to sit in a traditional class room and listen to a good trainer. I wish I do that, but you know, I am on the other side.  I hope I make students who sit in my class happy.