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Frozen Thoughts Magazine

As the New Year dawns we all are trying a change a thing or two. I know some say what’s the big deal about New Year? Yes. I agree. Change can take place anytime. New Year is just a good time to think and start making a change for better.

I have heard people saying “I think all know what I know, so what’s the point in writing about it or talking about it”. Be it about a new website or a book or even way of doing things, there are always people who don’t know what you know. At least it doesn’t harm you to share your knowledge with others, irrespective of whether others know it or not. If others ridicule and say you provide stale news that’s their nature, but your intention is pure. So be proud of it.  I don't want to hold myself back thinking you know what I know. So I have decided to write about things that I found interesting. This piece of information may be useful to some readers. So here I go.

I have come across a magazine called “Frozen Thoughts”. It is all about how one should live life to have quality life. I came to know about it from my friend, Manmadh, who also gifts me subscription to this magazine.

I found this magazine amazing with wonderful articles. Many of my friends who read this magazine expressed the same opinion. My favorite of all is “Unposted Letter” by T.T. Rangarajan. Find more details about magazine at

I suggest students to read it and learn how you can make your life more beautiful. Imagine how much more will be the benefits if you can learn a trick about life at the age of 20 instead of 40. You can make 20 years of your life better.

Have a wonderful year. Each day is an opportunity. So make the most of the opportunity.