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Learn How To Handle Database

It is a common site for me to see a lot of students showing interest in learning Java and .NET but not that many realising the importance of Database.

I am particularly annoyed to see students who do not understand the importance of knowing SQL and other relational database concepts but want to become an application developer. They think they can develop a Java or .NET application with so-so knowledge of SQL. No Way. Take my word.

I am always sick of a Java student using JDBC or .NET student using ADO.NET who can not write a query to join tables or subquery or  even an insert command properly. 

I want students to realise understanding SQL, PL/SQL or T-SQL, stored procedures, trigger, views, transaction management etc. is of paramount importance. They just cannot become  good application developers without being comfortable with database. Remember it is the database where you store all your data and retrieve. Many Java and .NET programs need to talk to database on a regular basis as they process data, which is in database.

Well, it doesn't matter where and how you learn it. If the course you were taught at college is good then fine let it be.  Otherwise make some efforts to learn the basics properly. 

Sit in a training programme, if your time permits. Don't be stingy. If you consider the cost of training, the money you spend on Oracle training, for instance, is almost equal to a term fee in LKG.

In case your time and other factors do not permit you to go for a training programme, make use of books and resources in Internet.

I have placed a free book on Oracle called Oracle For Beginners. It teaches Oracle in simple language with examples. If you understand it then job is done. First 20 chapters are must-read chapters. Try it.

I also request senior programmers and teaching staff in colleges to educate beginners of programming about importance of database.