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No job, No prospects, A lot of free time – What to do?

Well this is what I get to hear from people now-a-days. Especially students who completed academic and not selected in campus recruitment (either there was no campus recruitment or they were not selected) are the once I am addressing.

You may not get a Job straight out of college. I feel there is nothing to worry about it. World is full of opportunities. Your day will come. For now, enjoy your free time. Right from LKG to your graduation or post-graduation, you have been working hard. You never got time to look at yourself and ask – “What do I really want to do in life?

So, I suggest you to take this free time as an opportunity to look at yourself. Ask yourself what you want to be. What you enjoy the most. Whatever you want to do in life some fundamentals are to be in place.

So, improve your personal, communication and technical skills. Don’t be under the impression that your technical skills themselves will pave the way to success. You need to be a good person. A person who is acceptable to your family, your company and society as a whole.

There is always a lot to improve in you. Probably you never get as much time as you get now to focus on yourself in the future. You might get too busy with job and family responsibilities. Just get edge now.

When I say, enjoy your free time, I don’t mean to ask you sit idle. Don’t forget – Idle man is like an idle machine which destroys itself very quickly.

So here are my strong suggestions regarding what you should do to make the most of your free time:

Improve your language and communication skills

What you are is important. It is your responsibility to let people know what you think. They don’t read your mind. So communicate well. Your school, your college etc. are secondary. You are primary. A good school or college would have given good foundation. But if you don’t have good foundation, start now. It is never too late.

Be a good person

Being a good person is as important as anything else in life. What good is it to have a very successful career, but no friends and family to share? What good are you when there is no one in the world who loves and cares for you? So, be good to people. Don’t ever forget, in relationships - what you give is what you get. So, give more and get more.

Be good in your profession or business

Yes. Life demands a lot. You are expected to be good on many fronts. You just can’t talk sweetly and do nothing. You just can’t be a good person who is incapable. So, develop skills that are required by your profession or business. Be good at profession. There is nothing like getting dividends without investments. So, invest well and enjoy dividends.

Enjoy nature, music, sports

I never say spend 24 hours on your improvement. What is the point of winning when there is no time to celebrate your victory? So enjoy life – which is a gift to you by God (or universe). Enjoy nature. Enjoy simple things like rain, sunset, sunrise, beach, mountains etc. We all have access to them. Listen to music. It energizes you. Play whatever sport you can. It allows you to develop the habit of giving your best to win. At the same time it helps you to take defeat with grace. Because you must understand not everything in life goes according to your plan. So be ready for unexpected and unwanted.

Have discipline and passion

Discipline in the simplest form is nothing but doing things that you want to do and that you must. For example, if you want to get up at 5:00 am, doing so takes discipline. Some resist temptations and move forward and some become victims of temptations. I feel that is the difference between success and failure.

Do things with passion. It drives you forward. Passion allows you to enjoy what you do. Even today, Sachin Tendulkar (after several years of international cricket) goes to ground as passionately as he did when he was a kid. That’s why he still enjoys what he does and gives the best.

A great man, Michael Jackson (unfortunately he is no more with us) once said – “the real joy of life is getting to unknown tomorrow”.

Enjoy each day as it comes.

I will be more than happy to help you in any possible way I can. Write to me at

Srikanth Pragada

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Posted By Chaitanya On 29-Jun-09 04:41:28 PM

Dear Sir,

Inspiring message from you.

You are certainly a role model for people like me, your students. I would like to hear from you about- what it takes to be like what you are today.More interested to hear about how your life has been from the humble beginnings till now.

Your student in 2001,2002 and 2003

Posted By Nagendra Jayanty On 29-Jun-09 10:54:04 PM

That was really a nice post sir!! That is encouraging and I also think it ignites many students...

Posted By sudha On 01-Jul-09 06:19:38 AM

a very big and inspirational message sir.

Posted By Mousumi On 02-Jul-09 08:00:56 PM

Dear Sir,

You words always inspire many students. It’s really a wonderful message for us. In this dark world you are really helping student like us to find the brightness of light.



Posted By Srikanth On 03-Jul-09 05:38:38 PM

hi sir ,

you are the beacon to guide the students.


Posted By Naresh On 06-Jul-09 09:51:09 PM

one more nice message from u

Posted By Srinivasulu On 14-Jul-09 08:01:12 PM

Dear sir,
This blog is really worth reading n quite inspiration for those who have given up their hopes in this recession time.. Frankly ur site makes me much encourageful in many moments.....
Srinivasulu Permi
2008,2009 Student

Posted By praveen On 16-Jul-09 11:19:19 PM

Thats really a great advice what we are looking for from such an experienced person.. thanks a lot sir.. ur suggestion relaxed me and decreased the stress in my mind..

Thanks a lot sir...

Posted By durgaprasad On 19-Jul-09 04:58:37 PM

your great sir.

Posted By poorna chandra rao On 20-Jul-09 04:20:57 AM

hello sir ... how r u.... thnx for ur encouragement towards our life... i am ur student ....learnt .net during oct 2008... now iam at hyd ...

Posted By ravi karri On 21-Jul-09 01:17:25 AM

the discipline section is inspiring.

Posted By rajesh On 23-Jul-09 10:06:57 PM

good work.

Posted By brahmaiah On 25-Jul-09 02:48:41 AM

excellent sir....

Posted By srinivas On 25-Jul-09 04:12:16 PM

i always go to your website not only for the information regarding programming , but also the messages which are being given to the students which inspires a lot. Especially one should always think in mind to achieve success. If i ask: how do u made your time, what will be your response sir?

Posted By shyam On 25-Jul-09 05:29:31 PM

your words... your motivate many students and one of them is me..
am not selected in any campus recruitment during last dec,jan but my friends,best friends are selected..Am not one of them to taste success in life...
But your words are inspiring me.. a lot ...
thanks sir..thanks for your message...

Posted By rajyam On 27-Jul-09 04:01:36 PM

hello sir ...
im ur student ...learnt Java SE, 08)
all ur msgs r quite inspiring...n encouraging...
realy who'l thinking abt our(one of the recession victim) feelings in this world? r such a gr8 so many valueble suggestions

Posted By vinodh On 01-Aug-09 10:29:03 AM

respected sir
your words are inspiring me.i knew what can i do.i knew how u motivate i am going to fallow in this way from right now.thank u sir for gave such a suggestions to us. am vinodh babu ravuri doing mca final year in dr .lb pg college.

Posted By madhusudhan On 01-Aug-09 12:38:47 PM

sir,, thank u for giving the confidence sir,, today i went to an interview ,, im not selected sir,,

Posted By Srikanth On 04-Aug-09 10:01:05 AM

This is what I like in you sir. I learned a lot from you at the time of Java and Oracle training...and continued that by visiting your site frequently. Every word defines your character. I feel great to meet you sir!

Posted By Rajender Reddy On 06-Aug-09 02:10:49 PM

I came to know about this site through a forum and i am happy person now. I will definitely try to learn something. The problem that i have is, i don't do lot of hard work and i don't know when i get those instincts to learn new stuff. I pray to god that i become a real hard worker and become a successful developer.

Thanks and Regards
Rajender Reddy

Posted By Damodar On 13-Aug-09 06:30:14 PM

Iam feeling nervous, that i can't achieve job. At that time i thought to post you a mail regarding my problem. i opened your site, in blog i saw your article, after reading it , it gave me lot of confidence, saying that " one day will be mine, get ready for that day." thank you very much for posting good article. i love you so much sir,your are my inspiration to reach my target.iam your student from 1999.....2009........

Posted By kishore kumar On 01-Sep-09 12:12:02 AM

Dear sir,
This is wonderful message from you for us.


Posted By jameer On 02-Sep-09 04:02:35 PM

hello sir,
this is jameer from hyderabad.
while i was surfing the net i saw your site called "".
i read your message to job seekers as not to waste our valuable time and not to loose our joy.

your message was so impressed.

thank u for giving this message.

Posted By ramana murty On 08-Oct-09 06:01:47 PM

One of good message from you. i like it very it was inspiring.
thanks for guidance.

ramana murty
your student(,2009)

Posted By sudha On 28-Oct-09 04:13:59 PM

sir you are saying that there is nothing to worry about it.but how it is possible that styaing idle

Posted By swapna On 28-Oct-09 04:19:13 PM

hai sir did u remember me?
i am ur student swapna working as a software trainee in ibm banglore.
with ur blessings n ur encouragement i settled in a good job.
thank u so much sir.sir if u want any help contact me sir i will help u .....

Posted By sravan On 30-Dec-09 10:19:59 AM

today i learn very good points , its very help ful to feature upgradation

Posted By SRIKANTH On 11-Jan-10 11:50:51 PM

Dear sir,
i am ur student.i got e real meaning of ur words.

thank u sir.

Posted By sobha On 29-Jan-10 04:08:46 PM

thanku sir that u gave me a right message at the right time......

Posted By sobha On 29-Jan-10 04:35:14 PM

sir,you r the role model for us...
please suggest some important tips for us to suceed in life like u.........

Posted By chitra On 04-Feb-10 05:02:01 PM

thank u sir for a really inspiring message from u...
it relly boosts the mind to prioritize things...

Posted By Jyothi On 24-Feb-10 07:04:59 PM

Thank you Sir.

Posted By Parul Pandey On 22-Mar-10 12:13:08 PM

Respected sir

When i was reading ur article,i got that u are talking to me and try to encourage me about my beautiful life. you r right, after completing my courses i have not selected in placement & still i have not got any job, due to this i become quit or going to under depression,i can't share my thought to anyone. i loose my interest also to do any type of work & not interested to talk with anybody.but now i am little bit happy to know about that how to use my i am trying to increase my skills & thoughts. thanks for ur support.

Posted By SUDHEER On 01-Jun-10 05:03:51 PM

good msg sir.. we r expecing some more frm u.. plz do it..

Posted By Ganesh On 09-Jun-10 04:04:32 PM

Good suggestions. i have tell one thing " Life is tragedy for dreamers, A comedy for doers and reality for achievers"

Posted By lalitha On 16-Jun-10 10:58:09 PM

its really inspiring message from u and it's useful to all of us.
when i attended classes in recent batch i.e in may 11-june 12 i thought that u teach us only course but after seeing ur website i came to know that you are extra ordinary in all matters.

Posted By meena On 18-Jun-10 04:27:41 PM

Thank u sir.......
ur site is exccelent sir students can get lot of things form this

Posted By b.l.vijay kumar On 05-Jul-10 12:09:32 PM

sir i m very glad to see what u taught above was really good i m ur student joined for javase and recently tried to join in oracle but god given me enough time to spend with u again for that only i came to ur web site downloaded material for oracle and im searching every thing in ur web site i found this
sir , if u dont mind if u provide job related links for freshers how to get job as a fresher it may help so many people like me u r more wiser to all of us if do i wll be thank full to u sir
sir Any way i got new energy by reading the stuff i lik (wht u giv is wht u get)to good thank u sir byee i ll be with u....byeeeee

Posted By ur lab Assist.(maheshpinisetti) On 05-Jul-10 05:55:30 PM

It's really greate job, sir................

Your words always inspire many students. It’s really a wonderful message for us and many students.

Posted By Himashreevakya On 03-Aug-10 12:48:18 PM

in this busy schedule, one never finds time to follow their passions. atleast reading about them, gives a glimmer of hope that their might be days, we shall enjoy or the memories to remember.

Posted By dinesh On 05-Aug-10 02:17:53 PM


Posted By m.shankar rao On 14-Sep-10 12:11:28 PM

dear sir,
your messages are really excellent, and very inspiring.

Posted By dinesh On 13-Jan-11 12:33:27 AM

ultimate inspirational message sir!! , its encouraging for life and our goals .
thanks sir

Posted By sanjeev kumar singh On 25-Feb-11 12:34:21 AM

sir it is really an inspiration for person like me. It will work as a ray of hope in my dark life. Thanx a lot for such a nice article!!

Posted By venkatesh On 27-Mar-14 11:32:13 AM

good work

Posted By MARRI RAJESH On 08-Apr-18 02:40:16 PM

pls tell me suggestions sir