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Are you using or abusing resources?

First of all let me confess, being alive is itself a gift, so let’s say – glad to be alive. No matter how bad life is at times, being alive is better than being dead. I pity those who think death is the solution to the problems of life. Suicide is the ultimate abuse of the life.

Well so we are glad to be alive! But are we using the resources that are bestowed upon us. Many of us have access to many resources and many opportunities. Here is the list of resources that many of us have many, if not all a few of them.

In fact the list goes on. But I am very sad to see the way many underuse or abuse these resources.

Can read, but don’t read

Many can read but don’t read. Their reading is confined to SMS on mobile. Many students I know have not read any book other than technical books. They don’t know what it means to read a non-fiction. They don’t know how one can be motivated by reading a good book especially autobiographies and biographies. They think books are not their cup of tea. I am not talking about reading books to improve your language. I am talking about reading books to improve you as a person.

Can talk and talk too much

Can talk and talk too much. They talk hours on the phone for no reason. I see a lot of students busy talking on the phone all the time. As a result they have no time for anything but that. So they are missing all the other resources. When one is so much occupied with worthless talk (worth-while talk doesn’t last for hours) on the phone, then obviously he/she doesn’t have time for any other worth–a-while thing in life. They don’t enjoy nature; don’t understand parents' love etc. They don’t play any games. Their biggest complaint is “no time”. How silly? The talking they do is never ending. It is believed you get strength from silence. You can’t focus when you keep talking. The most difficult thing for me, as a trainer, is to refrain students from talking to neighbours in the class. Make no mistake I deal with students at graduate and post-graduate level.

What do you do with Computer?

Many of my students have the privilege of having a computer at home. It’s a huge privilege. Many also have access to Internet. But one must know – it’s not what you have but what you do with that matters the most. So many use it like a DVD player or MP3 Player or a Gaming console. They hardly write programs or use it to gain knowledge. So a costly device is being reduced to very ordinary usage. I suggest them to use it to write programs and gain knowledge. The ability to write quality programs will make you one among few anywhere in the world. Your parents bought the computer with the money they earned through years of hard work. Justify it.

Internet adds fuel to fire

As if phone is not enough, they also embrace internet to reach out to people who can’t be reached through phone. Some honest students also told me they love to chat with only unknown people. Unfortunately, some have invited unknown problems in the process. Internet is not about Facebook. It’s not about posting photos and commenting on others photos. It’s not about posting links of videos in Facebook . Of course, connect to people through Facebook and Twitter. But do not over-connect. Learn to draw a line. It’s your life. You can make it or break it. Resources like Computer and Internet can be used or abused. The choice is yours. But do remember – You are (whatever you are, good or bad) because of the choices you made in the past and you will be because of the choices you make now.

Question we must ask ourselves

I think we all need to ask ourselves – How far are we justifying the resources that we are blessed with? If the answer is – not to the optimum level – then we better change.

I came across the definition of success as “realizing one’s potential”. I profoundly subscribe to that. It’s all about realizing your own potential. Each one of us is blessed with some potential. The moment you realize it in the right way, it must be called success. Remember not every Cricketer should achieve what Sachin Tendulkar achieved to be called as successful. So you can be successful in your own respect by you realizing your own potential.

Every student must strive to be successful. I strongly wish so. Being a trainer, I deal with a lot of students in the age group 18 to 25. I always feel highly responsible. It’s my responsibility to show them the right direction. It’s my job to motivate them to realize their potential. Their success is important for them, their families, and country as a whole.

I want them to read books and learn from them. Book is the media through which you can earn enormous knowledge. I want them to read and learn about life. Life is bigger than career. Not all class toppers are successful in life. So there is a lot more than technical things in life.

I want them to grow as good human beings first. I want them to understand how many under privileged people challenged their handicaps and achieved a lot. I especially address boys (and girls alike) who think breaking rules is heroism. Showing disrespect to parents and teachers is not heroism. People with good fundamentals were respected in all ages. And they will be, even in the coming ages.

We live in the world of distractions. There are a lot of distractions like Mobile phone, TV, Internet etc. Ironically the same devices can help you to grow technically and personally. So, I am coming to the core question. Are we using them or abusing them?


Enjoy life but not at the cost of your future. I think life begins after college ends. To be successful in life, that begins after college ends, you must plan for it while you are in college.

The first and foremost responsibility of each one of us is to make our parents proud of us. Keep it on your mind!

Think big, start small, and start now!