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Super Computers! Guess How Many India Has?

Recently I have read an article about the top 500 fastest super computers in the world. It is a very interesting article especially considering the power they have. I want to share these details with you as most of you find these details surprising.

The number of super computers India has in the top 500 fastest computers has grown from 2 in June,2003 to 11 in june,2006.  All 11 were acquired in the last 2 years. The fastest of these 11 super computers is a system from HP with 1400 microprocessors. And its ranking in the top 500 is 141. Other super computers in India are a little behind and last one from India in top 500 is at position 373, which has 730 microprocessors.

So, certainly India has gone much higher than what many of you think. I know many of you think that India still has only two super computers. Yes, that was true if you take figures of June,2003. But since then India has increased its count significantly.

Now, let me provide some details about where other countries and continents are. Out of 500, US itself has 299. Europe has 83. And Asia has overtaken Europe with 93, in which Japan has 29 and China has 28.

What about the fastest of all. What is its processing capacity? The fastest of all is in US. It is installed in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by DOE. It was created by IBM and DOE. It is called as Blue/Gene/L. It was installed in year 2005 with 1,13,072 microprocessors. Its speed is 280600 GFlops (fastest in India works at 3830.4 GFlops).

In terms of microprocessors market, Intel dominates the market with 301 systems out of 500. IBM is dominating in the manufacturing company segment with 48.6% of market share and HP enjoys 30.8% of share.