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Changing Port Number Of Http Server in Oracle10g XE

When you run Oracle10g along with Tomcat, you face a problem as both of them use port number 8080. If Oracle started, it uses port no. 8080 for its HttpServer. Any attempt to start Tomcat subsequently (or any other server that uses port no. 8080) will not succeed.

The remedy is two-fold. Either you change port number of Tomcat using server.xml file of Tomcat or change port number used by Http Server of Oracle10g.

The following steps change port number used by Oracle's HttpServer to 8888. Of course the port number can be anything you want.

  1. Select Run SQL Command Line
  2. Connect to Oracle10g using SYSTEM account

        SQL>connect system/<password>  
    Provide password that you gave at the time of installing Oracle10g.
  3. Execute the following stored procedure to change Http port number to 8888
        SQL>execute DBMS_XDB.SetHttpPort(8888);   

    SetHttpPort is a procedure in DBMS_XDB package. It is used to change port number used by Oracle for Http Server.
  4. You can retrieve the port number just to confirm the change as follows.
    SQL>select dbms_xdb.GetHttpPort() from dual;