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Oracle10g vs. 11i

Are you wondering whether a new version of Oracle Database called Oracle11i was released? NO. Not at all. I just want to clear a misconception among some people who think Oracle 11i is the next version of Oracle10g.

On the other day a student came to me and asked me "In Bangalore they are teaching Oracle11i, why are you still teaching Oracle10g?" To be very frank that is quite irritating and annoying question.

Oracle10g (Oracle Database 10g) is the latest version of Oracle database. Nothing has come after that. Oracle 11i is related to a different set of products called - E-Business Suite. It is an ERP.

This is called information age. One must have information to survive in this era. But unfortunately I still see a couple of people trying to mix Oracle Applications with Oracle Database and getting confused with versions. So, get it right - Oracle10g is the latest in database, and Oracle 11i is a different product and it is related to ERP.