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Books I Recommend

I have been reading (or listening to audio books at times) non-technical books in the last couple of years.

So, I asked myself today; which books do I recommend to students who want to start with non-technical books and get inspired.

Here is my list. Not necessarily in any particular order. But I found all of them extremely interesting. I believe you would find them equally interesting and inspiring.

By no means are those the only books you should read. Do make reading a habit and you will be very proud of your habit and knowledge you gain by reading books.

Check out my Books Read section to know more about other books I read.

I love to read all kinds of books. Though I read many non-fiction books, of late, I am enjoying reading fiction also. But I suggest you mix fiction with non-fiction. Don’t get carried away by fiction. I know it is more fun to read fiction. But I don’t read books for fun. I read books for knowledge, for inspiration, and for right attitude.

Please post your thoughts about these books and other interesting books you read in comments.

Enjoy reading!