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Defining Moments

I strongly believe in defining moments in life. Way back in 2006 it happened for me. Though I have had many, I want to share two defining moments with you in this blog. They are not the ones that changed my life nevertheless they have profound effect. But be aware of the fact that life is full of defining moments. They can change you for better or sometimes even for worse (unfortunately).

Java Certification

I was talking about Java Certification in a Java batch. Then one student asked me “Sir, Have you taken certification exam?” Then it struck me like a thunderbolt. Then asked my self why not I taste it? Why not I get certified? The thought was so strong I started preparing for SCJP from that day onwards.

As many of you know I went on clearing three Java certifications – SCJP, SCWCD and SCBCD - in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

So that was the defining moment. I was interested but somehow I neglected it for one or the other reason. I strongly believe we always have time for anything as long as we make it our priority. So it is more about choosing your priorities.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Recently an another defining moment took place. Not really as significant as the one before, nevertheless significant.

I asked students “Which books other than technical books did you read?”. A student said – “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. That brought an old desire of mine back to foreground. I heard about this book and wanted to read it as well, but never got to do it.

So reading that book was my aim of the last week. I finished reading that wonderful book by Robin Sharma by Monday afternoon. I found this book extremely useful and strongly suggest every professional to read it before it gets too late. There are a lot of things one must realize about life before it gets too late. Robin Sharma has done an excellent job in this book. So, do read it. It’s worth reading it. As the book say “It’s not what you take from book that matters, but what book takes out from you that matters”. Very much true. How a book can change you is important. I suggest you read this book at your own pace and read it not just once, but for a couple of times until you understand everything.

Other Books Of Interest

When I write about books, there are a lot of other books I found very interesting. I think a couple of books are very important for students who are at the threshold of a wonder life and career.

So, look back in your life and find out what defining moment you had in your life. I am sure it trills you to know that a moment changed you or your decision etc. If you want so share that with me and readers.

Be open to ideas and receive all the good others give you. Because any single moment can change your life for good. As popular advertisement says – An idea can change life.