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In the last 40 days, I was busy with training freshers at Kenexa Technologies, at Rushikonda. As I work for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening at my institute - Srikanth Technologies, I generally do not get time to accept corporate training. But somehow I accepted the Kenexa's offer. I didn't know how I would cope with new schedule where I had to accommodate another 5 hours in my daily schedule.

I had to teach .NET 2.0 to a bunch of freshers. It stared on 12th August. The venue is Conference Hall in Kenexa. It was equipped with a whiteboard/screen, NEC Projector, Dell Laptop. I was never comfortable typing more with a Laptop, so I requested and got USB keyboard and Mouse of Dell make. The environment was quite ideal for a good training programme.

Though I accepted the offer rather hesitantly, I never regretted it. The drive through beach road was great. Even the drive on NH5 was equally good with full of greenary. I had to drive through heavy rains sometimes. I enjoyed every bit of it. Roads at IT HUB/PARK are not good, but considering that it is new setup, it is acceptable.

Yeah, it was very demanding on me in terms of time and effort. I had to start my day at 7:00 AM at my institute and leave for Kenexa at 10:00 AM. Spend time at Kenexa till 3:00 PM and resume my operations at my Institute till 9:00 PM. So no time left in the day for any other activity.

But the best part of the training has been students. We (me & students) had a very good time together. They enjoyed learning and I enjoyed teaching them. We were together for more than 120 hours. A lot of time to get to know each other. I must say, it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience for me. I don't remember any batch in the past where I know each student's name and interacted with each one as much as I did with trainees at kenexa. May be one reason for that is the size of the batch (7 members). But I guess the main reason is they are good individuals. We enjoyed tea/coffee breaks and lunch breaks.

All of them just out of college and 2 of them had been my students at Srikanth Technologies. Others came from outside Vizag. We discussed almost every feature of C# 2.0 and then discussed Asp.Net, XML, ADO.NET, Web Services and Ajax. They are assigned a project - CAB Management. That will give them sufficient idea about how to use .NET to build a real world application.

I must also thank HR manager K.Naresh and .NET head Kiran Sangita for all that they did.

I handled a couple of corporate training programmes, but this is the best of all. I will remember it for a long time to come.


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Posted By karthik On 22-Sep-08 03:15:32 AM

Sir, The way you share even the small things tat make you happy like the drive in rain,was really nice to hear. The same way i enjoy every sec of your class...

Posted By karthik On 22-Sep-08 03:26:17 AM

Sir, I am really thankful to you, for the knowledge you give the students and the way u tell us how to adapt to the changes in the world, your advices, suggestions what not,everything you speak has loads of valuable information.I should say that 40 days of your class totally changed my approach towards my life!!!

Posted By srinivas G On 22-Sep-08 11:19:37 AM

Hi,we too enjoyed a lot being with you all these days.we acquired a lot of knowledge which would be helpful through out career.most great thing about you is your simplicity.the way you give your lecture is excellent.hope you remember us.once again we thank you for your greattraining. sincerely, .Net Trainees of Kenexa

Posted By Naresh Kagupati On 22-Sep-08 12:11:22 PM

Hi Srikanth,Thanks for all that all that you have done for Kenexa. we would look forward to you in near future too.Regards,Naresh.

Posted By suresh On 24-Sep-08 01:11:40 AM

Sir,the students who you are giving traing are very lucky.I know your teaching,I am one of your student.You are not only concentrate on trainig giving lot of encouragement towards future and Programming languages.

Posted By ephemeral On 16-Oct-08 02:15:51 PM

i think discipline is required to achieve anything.and sir,u r the best example for that,and above all..ur enthu for teaching.

Posted By vamsi priyavardhan On 24-Oct-09 01:07:37 PM

I am your student sir.I Learn't not only Subject,But More From You sir.Really I Am Lucky.I Want To Thank god.Thank You God.I Want To Meet You Sir.

Posted By kameswararao On 02-Feb-10 06:52:51 PM

Hi sir, good evening. Iam your student, really i used ur website in that blogs ,books,and programs.It is very helpful to me.But some times i have a small doubts but didn't ask you. Because i thought that i didn't loose your time. so that is my problem then what should i do sir. your giving a lot of encouragement towards future Programming languages. Really iam thank ful you sir.

Posted By Rama krishna On 05-May-12 10:47:00 PM

Sir,generally i never beleive in the concepts that learned from others unless there is another confirfamation through books or internet but when i joined in your institute the first great word listened from you are"trust me " it changes me in such a way that srikanth sir is also like book or internet for me.
thank you sir,..

Posted By raviswamy kottakota On 20-Jun-12 04:39:54 AM

my name is raviswamy srikanth sir java old student every day i observed the srikanth sir website i learned lot of subject now i am working on java developer in VEDIC SYSTEM hyderabad,before enter in the srikanth technology i had lot of fear after training i lose my fear on java. now my journey is running sucessfully in java

Posted By vamsi On 08-Sep-12 12:27:08 AM

manthra...enjoying life