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Looking back at 2012

Time has come to look back and share my experiences in year 2012 with my readers.

Trip to Yelagiri and Yercaud

My friends and I visited a couple of new places in TamilNadu during Pongal vacation. We first stayed at Yelagiri for 2 days. On the way to Yercaud, we visited Hogenakkal Falls and had a boat ride, which was quite exciting as it took us very close to waterfalls.

In Yelagiri at Tea Stall

In Coracle at Hogenakkal Falls

At Yercaud

At Sterling Resorts In Yelagiri

Samsung Galaxy Tab

I was fascinated by Android. I wanted to use an Android device to deploy Android Applications as I teach Android Programming course. So I had to choose between Android Phone and Android Tab. I chose Tab as I felt I could use it for reading books with its 10 inches screen. I purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab on 21st Jan.

During Android courses, we developed some Android applications as part of course and I deployed them into my tab. Basically those applications are meant for personal use. I also found a very good Expenses Application in Android Market to keep track of my expenses. I occasionally use Tab to check mails also with wi-fi.

The applications that I developed as classroom projects and use in my Tab to keep track of my classes and accounts are available in my website. You can check them out at:

VSP Corporate Training

I had the pleasure of training Visakhapatanam Steel Plant (VSP) IT Department on Java EE from 2nd March to 14th March and then on .NET from 16th March to 30th March. Had a wonderful time with both. Had a great time with Java EE batch especially as it was very interactive! VSP HRD Centre has been a familiar territory for me in the last couple of years. I enjoyed every programme that I conducted there. As I make use of travelling time to listen to Audio books, even travelling becomes very productive and interesting.

Members of Java EE Training

Members of Microsoft.Net Training

Revised Course Material

Course material is to be revised every now and then. New versions for different technologies keep popping up for every two years or so. This year it was turn of Java SE. I upgraded Java SE material to Java SE 7.0 by including features of Java SE 7.0. I also revised Java EE 6.0 material with new examples and rewrote many programs with new features of Java EE 6.0 and Java SE 7.0.

I prepared new material for Oracle Database and got it printed.

So I had to spend good amount of time rewriting and adding programs. As my courses are designed to use course material extensively, I take as much care as I can to ensure material serves purpose. Considering the fact that students tell me they use material even after years of completion of course, I take utmost care while preparing material. However, nothing is perfect, so I continuously endeavor to make material as perfect as possible.

Trip To Hyderabad

We had a desire to see Hyderabad and especially Charminar and festive atmosphere during Ramzan festival. Pranav wanted to see Ramoji Film City! We also wanted to see Basara (Sarasawathi Devi Temple). We made to all by visiting Hyderabad during August second week.

Had been to Ramoji Film City on 10th Aug. We had a great time there. We had seen that in year 2000. But Pranav was not born then so this trip was specially for Pranav.

We went to Charminar at 8:00 pm and experienced that festive atmosphere there. It was buzzing with activity. The area was so crowded that there was no space even to walk let alone vehicles.

Visited Sarasawathi Devi Temple at Basara on 11th Aug.

Pranav also wanted to see Snow. I, Padmaja and Praneeth had been to Kulu, Manali and Rothang Pass in year 2000 and had a great time with Snow there. Since then we couldn’t plan any trip to show him real Snow, so we compensated that for the time being by showing him Snow World at Hyderabad.

At Ramoji Film City

Sarcastic Smile By Pranav

At Snow World

At Snow World

Trip to Kolkata

The only metro city that I didn’t see was Kolkata. So decided to visit Kolkata just before Dasara from 3th Oct to 7th Oct.

Enjoyed ride in Trams, which is still unique feature of this city. Used Metros for long distance travelling. In fact, used every mode of transport available except man-pulled cart.

Visited Science City, Victoria Memorial and Zoo.

Could see how life goes on in Kolkata. But city seemed too old. It appeared as if in much of the city no new building was constructed for a long time.

Had to wait for my train for a few hours at Howrah Railway Station, so enjoyed the sight of Howrah Bridge in lights.

Infront of Science City

At entrance of Victoria Memorial

Inside Victoria Memorial

Howrah Bridge at Night with lights on

Started Learning Tennis

One of the games that I didn’t play as a kid was Tennis. So decided to learn Tennis and joined Tennis training on 29th June.

The court is walkable from my house. Moreover both my kids play Tennis there and I know all Coaches. I have coaches at home also. Praneeth plays Tennis at a higher level. He won tournaments conducted by AITA (All India Tennis Association) in Under 12 and Under 14 categories. Pranav is learning for more than a year. So they are always there to help me.

It is never too late to learn. I am enjoying learning and playing. I always enjoy playing games. So, for now, pursuing both Badminton and Tennis on daily basis. I still play club cricket. But that is only a few matches in a year.

Badminton Tournament

On Dec 25th doubles tournament was conducted for members of our Badminton court. Me and my partner were runners-up. We lost in finals with score 21-18, 18-21, 13-21. It was my first tournament in this indoor court since I joined it in December,2011.

Me and my Partner (Ramesh) with Trophies

Books Read

The following are the books I read during this year. There is nothing like reading a book. Enjoyed every book; but of all, found Steve Jobs book very interesting.

To be honest, I must say, the number of books I read is not very impressive. I feel it could have been more. A book per month is plausible. So I must say, I just fell short of it.  

Here are the books read by me in this year: