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I have become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for Web Applications Development With .NET Framework 4.0

Today I have added one more certitification to my exisiting four certification credentials. This time it is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist( MCTS) . I have taken 70-515 exam today at 12:30pm. I though it would be a small exam of 90 min or so. But I was wrong as exam itself was of 140 min. By the time I came out it was 3:15 PM. It consisted of 50 questions. I had to use all 140 min as many questions contained good amount of stuff to read. Apart from that there are other formalities like survey and feedback by Microsoft regarding exam and certification center.

I got through the exam with a score of 921,whereas the passing score is 700. Well I lost marks in client-side scripting and Ajax as it is an area on which I never really focused much. Though I worked with ASP.NET Ajax, I didn't work much on Microsoft AJAX client library.

The ground I had cover for this exam was huge (see the list below) and the resources were limited. No training kit book, no good sample questions to get idea about what to expect. So I had to depend only on MSDN. So a lot of reading, understanding and of course a lot to remember - methods, attributes, xml elements etc.

That's all for now. I will post more details about this exam and my preparation a little later.

I think I deserve to relax a little for now.

A big thanks to all. Especially my family members, Padmaja, Praneeth and more to Pranav. Because Pranav was with me all through this week (as Padmaja and Praneeth were away) but he did let me focus on my preparation and kept himself busy with his toys and TV.