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I have become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) for Web Applications Development With .NET Framework 4.0

Today I have added one more certitification to my exisiting four certification credentials. This time it is Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist( MCTS) . I have taken 70-515 exam today at 12:30pm. I though it would be a small exam of 90 min or so. But I was wrong as exam itself was of 140 min. By the time I came out it was 3:15 PM. It consisted of 50 questions. I had to use all 140 min as many questions contained good amount of stuff to read. Apart from that there are other formalities like survey and feedback by Microsoft regarding exam and certification center.

I got through the exam with a score of 921,whereas the passing score is 700. Well I lost marks in client-side scripting and Ajax as it is an area on which I never really focused much. Though I worked with ASP.NET Ajax, I didn't work much on Microsoft AJAX client library.

The ground I had cover for this exam was huge (see the list below) and the resources were limited. No training kit book, no good sample questions to get idea about what to expect. So I had to depend only on MSDN. So a lot of reading, understanding and of course a lot to remember - methods, attributes, xml elements etc.

That's all for now. I will post more details about this exam and my preparation a little later.

I think I deserve to relax a little for now.

A big thanks to all. Especially my family members, Padmaja, Praneeth and more to Pranav. Because Pranav was with me all through this week (as Padmaja and Praneeth were away) but he did let me focus on my preparation and kept himself busy with his toys and TV.

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Posted By chanakya On 18-Dec-10 05:12:06 PM

Congrats sir...
almost completed all certifications...
i too going to write mcts this month . . .
but 536 and 562. .
are these valid for future...

Posted By Manogna On 18-Dec-10 06:33:49 PM

Congratulations Sir.. Every year you have been adding a certificate to your already existing ones. Your passion for taking exams is really awesome. You are THE BEST!

Posted By Srinivas Giduthuri On 19-Dec-10 01:36:22 PM

Congratulations Sir... You are the BEST...

Posted By jayakrishna On 20-Dec-10 11:44:05 AM

Congratulations sir...

sir i also want to do certifications...but i dont have any one to guide me...can u please tell what are the exams have to write? what material i have to follow and more other required information needed to do certification...

Posted By K. Nitin Ram On 20-Dec-10 08:45:19 PM

Congratulations Sir.
Hope u reach to great heights in the same way and set as a good example to us...
Continue ur journey of wisdom!!

Posted By sivaji On 20-Dec-10 09:17:19 PM

teaching and inspiring others (as usually) with your decent scores.

Posted By kiranmayi On 23-Dec-10 10:15:44 AM

Hearty Congratulations sir!

Posted By chander On 27-Dec-10 02:25:05 AM

congrats sir you r greate

Posted By Rajasekhar On 27-Dec-10 11:59:44 AM

Hello Sir
Congrats :)

Posted By Gnani On 27-Dec-10 12:18:33 PM

Congrulations sir....

Posted By geeta On 13-Jan-11 11:41:05 PM

Congrats srikanth..

I am also planning to take the test. can you guide me what books I need to read.
Do you have any books available in pdf format.. If possible can you share that with me.

Posted By samithreddy On 16-Feb-11 09:41:54 AM

Hi Sir,

I am new to the application
I am very much interested to learn the concept
I thought of going for classes in naresh technologies at Hyderabad but no time
Any suggestions in order to learn the concepts

Posted By Anil On 17-Mar-11 08:36:37 PM

thanks for your experiences with all of us.

Posted By rahul On 29-Mar-11 09:49:27 PM

Hi, Congrats dude.
I am looking forward from you regarding the self paced kit.
if you have it can you please forward it to my mail id.
I will be thankful to you if you can send me the book
Thanks a lot in advance.

Rahul A

Posted By nisha On 25-Dec-11 09:55:12 AM

sir plzz help me out for mcts exam book 70-515 plzz mail me if u can

Posted By Ravikumar K On 19-Feb-12 06:31:38 AM

Hi Sri,

Congrats you have completed Web Applications Development With .NET Framework 4.0

Posted By Ramesh Jogi On 28-May-12 08:52:34 PM

Dear sir, I want to do certifications.but i dont have any one to guide me...can u please tell which exam taking first and what are the exams have to write? what material i have to follow and more other required information needed to do certification... please send me any information about MS-crtification ....

Thanks in advance.

Posted By hiral On 11-Aug-12 07:13:51 AM

Its really great score. I am just starting tp preparation for MCTS. And its good to c your post.

Thank You
Hiral Kahar

Posted By shiv On 03-Oct-12 02:57:56 PM

Congrats .....
what is the benifit of doing certification ??
My friend have done SCJP 1.6 certification but he told me that there is no use of certification ??
should I try for certification?

Posted By Thangamani On 21-Nov-12 02:14:23 PM

Hi sir I'm from Bangalore, i also want to do MCTS 50-515 certifications...but i don't have much idea about this... can you pleas help me with the topics that to be covered and more other required information needed to do certification...Thanks in advance sir.

Posted By Sanchit On 03-Jun-14 06:04:19 PM

I am Sanchit Bhargava, I want to apply for MCTS Certification for .NET Technology but I am new on this Technology and has no idea on this technology. Kindly guide me how will I prepare for this exam and what is the cost of the exam as well as any training or notes you have. How will I apply for this exam. Thanks in advance!!!

Posted By Prasad(London) On 10-Jul-14 03:13:06 AM

Sir,your have very good and great Knowledge in I.T ocean,you best inspiration for all, i following you

thanks sir,

Posted By M Nagendra Sai On 18-Aug-14 09:58:14 AM

Hi Srikanth Sir,
This is an old student of you working currently in mphasis on 4.0 and WEB services.
I would like to do certification on .net. I would like to know the entry level certification curresponding to it and preffered books for it

Posted By Rani On 07-Jul-15 07:14:09 AM

I am interested in writing in i want to enquire about it and get involved in to the correct track in which i am aiming to finish it of with in this december.