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My New Honda City

Today I have taken delivery of my new Honda City. I was never really after Cars. My loved ones have been Books, Music and Sports. Still it is good to have a big car. Especially my family preferred Honda City to other cars in that segment. Why wouldn't I listen to them? They matter the most to me.

Today at 12:15 PM I have driven it out of showroom. I am blessed to have people who really feel happy to see me with a bigger car than the one I am using (I use Santro Xing. By-the-way Xing is a wonderful car. I enjoyed every bit of it). So I showed my new car to my father and in-laws first, before the rest of the world could see it.

My mother would have been very happy to see me with big car. Unfortunately she passed away 4 years back. She could see me with my Santro Xing and of course Tata Indica, which was my first car. But, I know, she would have been very happy to sit beside me in my new car. I owe a lot to her. She had been the lady who spent all her life taking care of the family. She was the reason behind me entering into IT field. I know from above she is watching and blessing me.

My new Honda City at Showroom

Just driven out of showroom. Outside the showroom

After car is parked at cellar

My Family with new Car