Srikanth Technologies

My New Room

It has been my childhood dream to become a teacher. By God's grace and support of many students I have become a teacher. I love to be a teacher. I enjoy standing in-front of students and teach them what I know. Of course I love to write code. The thought of a new program still trills me. Though I have been writing code for 18 years, still I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed in the beginning. The smell of a new book is still very dear to me. Holding a book and reading is one of the most satisfying moments for me. I read a lot of books and enjoyed all that. Though I don't read as many as I used to because of the availability of information online, I still love to read books as they provide information in a sequence and understandable manner.

Recently I have designed my room at home to accommodate the basic things I need. I basically wanted to have a book-shelf handy to me and place to keep computer with more provision to connect more than one monitor. Of course at times I want to connect laptop to my desktop, so I need space for laptop and desktop on desk at times. I designed my room with a long running table for my computer, book-shelf, pin-board, a couple of cupboards for CDs, Files etc, Wardrobe, and shoe-rack.

I have also upgraded my system with Core2Duo 2.8 with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD. Here are some of the pictures of my new room for those who are curious to know how it looks. I have gone for black and white combination for everything in room.