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I am now Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate

Since I have completed MCTS .NET 4, Web Application certification in 2010, I had been thinking of another certification. I could not find anything interesting enough. I finally thought of PL/SQL Developer exam, which covers PL/SQL thoroughly. One of the reasons to take an exam is to get better at the technology. I never had opportunity to explore PL/SQL and preparing for exam was the best way to do that.

On 6th July, 2013, I took Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL (1Z0-144) at Pearson VUE in Vizag. I got through the exam with 91%. This gives me a new title - Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate. To get this title one has to clear two exams - Oracle Database SQL Expert (1Z0-047), which I passed on 20-Nov,2009 (My blog on that) and Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL (1Z0-144), which I passed yesterday.

Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL (1Z0-144)

My Preparation

I have decided to go for this in late May and could spend some time on and off on this. But this is my busiest period (May and June) in the year as I work for more than 8 hours during weekdays and 4 hours on Sundays. In spite of that I decided to go ahead and spend whatever time left out of working hours on this.

The following are the resources I used during my preparation.

Study Guide for 1Z0-144: Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL

It is not very useful. Just a final reference kind of thing. Not worth its price (Rs.580/-). I bought this book online at and it took 4 days to deliver this book. Read it in two days as it has only 175 pages.

Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 5th Edition By Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl

This is the best book on PL/SQL. But it takes a lot of time as it has detailed explanation about all important areas of PL/SQL. I spent most of the time reading this book. I was not very fond of documentation, though I read a little here and there.

For sample questions, I used

I did prepare my own notes for quick reference. I would like to share that with others who are preparing for this exam. Though it is not very polished as it was prepared for personal use, it could still be of use to others.

My Study Guide For 1Z0-144

Taking Exam

I booked slot for 12:00 pm on 26th July on 23rd July. I had to pay $150 USD, which worked out to be Rs. 9300/-.

I reached exam centre around 11:15, but could not take exam until 12:30pm as slot was not free till then. I had to wait for 30 minutes having completed formalities like providing my id etc.

Though exam was not very complex, the time provided was hardly enough. Just 90 minutes for 70 questions was too short. That too half of the questions contain some exhibits where we need to read code from 5 to 20 lines. I personally feel the time given was very inadequate. So I was left with little time to revise questions at the end.

At the end I thought I would get the mark sheet then and there. But it was not so (It was the case for all five exams I took so far). Instead this time I had to log into Oracle CertView to to get my result. I personally would like to see marks sheet immediately. Expecting candidate to log into his/her account and get result is a little lengthy process. That too if you don't have Oracle Web Account, you have to create one. That can further prolong your anxiety.

Here is the result provided by the CertView website for my exam.

Certificate Issued By Oracle

Certificate Issued By Oracle

Examination Score Report

Examination Score Report

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Posted By Manogna On 28-Jul-13 11:02:32 AM

Congrats Sir!
6th certification of yours. You give these challenges to yourself though you don't have any compulsion to take any of these exams. Proving to oneself is the greatest happiness one can get but that requires one to be very sincere and you have done it just after your summer batches! Your sincerity towards learning, your respect for your profession and your commitment to give us(your students) the best make you unique. You are the greatest inspiration for your students. Thanks a lot! Congrats once again!

Posted By Kiran On 29-Jul-13 03:28:57 PM

Congratulations Sir. Good to see all certifications one after other.

Posted By Gowtham On 30-Jul-13 09:20:56 PM

Congratulations Sir!
you are the real inspiration for students.I can promise everyone that they learn a lot more than technology at Srikanth Technologies.Really the only and right place for people with quest for knowledge in this domain.
You are my guide,philosopher and my true inspiration always.
Once again Congrats Sir.

Posted By Naidu On 02-Aug-13 09:57:00 AM

Congrats sir.

Posted By sudha On 04-Aug-13 10:08:03 AM

Congratulations! sir.

Posted By gashahun On 29-Aug-13 05:45:46 PM

always i appreciate your successful achievement on technologies.

Posted By Nagaraju kommiri On 09-Dec-13 03:38:27 PM

i am in Job trail in Banaloore i red all your programs and oracle metierial those you prepared dorcuments are very much fine

Posted By sai prasad On 14-Dec-13 07:00:44 PM

hi sir,i read your material,that material is very simple and easy to understand. I have plan to write ocp 1z0-144 but i didn't write oca exam. Any possible to write direct ocp without writing oca exam .

Posted By S On 04-Feb-14 05:21:53 PM

Hello and a big congrats on this achievement. I have given the first step of 1z0-051 . The second step of 1z0-144 towards my OCA cert is pending and I shall give this in March second week. I am going through oracle docs and the study material of Mathews MORRIS for this . 91% is an enviable score. Do let me know what all materials you used for your study . Many thanx in advance .

Posted By Nazneen On 06-Feb-14 11:00:26 AM

Congratulations sir!
It's really a great article.. very helpful for aspirants trying to appear for the exam...

Posted By AVManoj Kumar On 03-Mar-14 07:28:15 AM

Hi Srikanth.
Very Nice to Hear dat one.Im regularly following ur site for getting knowledge on pl/sql,sql.Ur doing a good job.Thanks for providing such type of hints and materials.And may be some people dnt know this site is very helpful who wanna be good in their domain.So,my idea is y can't u give some adds or pamphlets.Most of da people dnt know abt dis site.i am forwarded dis site to many people like my fnrds,colleagues etc.

But i did't get any projects on pl/sql.Why can't u post dat ones.U posted some sites on asp&java.What abt our pl/sql peoples.:)Please provide any real time projects on pl/sql.

Posted By Nazneen On 25-Apr-14 04:50:39 PM

Congratulations Sir! u r a real inspiration to all, either it may be a student or working employee. From your busy schedule u still prepare for ur exams and post the details for the readers.. Thanks You for the post, it give us encouragement..

Posted By Vijay On 20-May-14 07:41:02 PM

Hello Srikanth...Greetings...!!!
This is my first response or reply to Blog world...Entire Srikanth's site looks much organised & very useful. Keep up your good work. Thanks a Lot.

Posted By Donald On 13-Jun-14 02:50:35 AM

Congrats Srikanth! you did a great job. Please could you send me the UCertify practice questions?


Posted By Saurabh Kumar On 18-Jun-14 02:51:33 PM

Congrates Sir, I am also planing for pl/sql certifications and i need your guidance. Can u give me ur no so that my quries can b removed or u can call me on my no: 7875513355.

Posted By vani On 09-Jul-14 03:03:45 PM


Posted By balajohn On 18-Jul-14 12:05:51 AM

Congrats Srikanth! you did a great job. Please could you send me the UCertify practice questions?

my email id


Posted By Ravi On 25-Jul-14 03:16:27 PM

Congrats!!! Srikanth!!!
I would like to give 1Z0-144 Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL exam in next month as I got insperation by reading your blok.


Posted By sophia On 24-Sep-14 06:21:42 PM

good evening sir, I am sophia from chennai. i am a B.E graduate 2012 passed out,still now i am searching job now only i finished ny oracle course and at the same time i finished oracle 1z0-051 exam i would like to become a pl/sql developer.i confused to choose the second paper in oca exams whether i write 1z0-147 or 1z0-144.please give me ur suggestion.what is best

Posted By Srikanth On 25-Sep-14 10:05:25 AM

I suggest 1Z0-144 as i found this exam containing a lot of syllabus and prepares you well for industry.

Posted By Ahmed On 14-Oct-14 05:15:16 PM

Congrats Sir, Glad to see your certificate just now. Your website is very knowledgeable for me. i learned a lot from it. I am currently doing job as Oracle DBA and planning to take oracle exams. i want to contact you for your on some topics. I am from Lahore, Pakistan. My Cell No. is 0092-300-4417944.

Posted By PREM KUMAR On 07-Jan-15 09:27:31 PM

Hi sir, This is prem kumar. i'm MCA 2014 pass out; i want to attend OCA and OCP exam. but i don't have enough knowledge about this exam. plz guide me and also send the study material also.

Posted By Raghu On 13-May-15 11:36:52 AM

Hello Sir, I am planning to givr 1z0-144 certification by this month. I have went through your study material and the documentation published by Oracle for 11g. But have not tried any sample questions. Could you pls send across some practice test papers. Thanks in advance.

Posted By Naveen Joshi On 25-Aug-15 11:39:05 AM


Could you please share the docs/links which will be helpful to clear the exams for SQL and PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate?

Thank You.

Posted By Jayron On 14-Sep-15 05:04:51 PM

Congratulations Srikanth, I studying to take this exam too. Any advice? Best

Posted By zubair On 20-Sep-15 11:27:29 AM

Hi Srikanth,

thanks a lot for posting this. I was looking for information about the Oracle certification and this was very helpful.


Posted By Trupti Mane On 14-Oct-15 11:19:36 AM

Please send latest dumps for 1Z0-144 Program with PL/SQL

Posted By Anusha On 19-Mar-16 02:41:05 AM

I have cleared the 1z0-051 and I am palnning to give 1z0-144 to be an OCA. Kindly suggest me books and some dumps if you have .Thanks!

Posted By Suraj Baba On 29-Apr-16 02:48:21 PM

Hello and a big congrats on this achievement. I have given the first step of 1z0-051 . The second step of 1z0-144 towards my OCA cert is pending and I shall give this in March second week. I am going through oracle docs and the study material of Mathews MORRIS for this . 91% is an enviable score. Do let me know what all materials you used for your study . Many thanx in advance

Posted By Murali On 30-May-16 01:38:09 PM

I am not able to find sample questions in Could you please suggest some other site or provide some sample questions if u have

Posted By aditya On 07-Jul-16 08:47:26 PM

Congrats Sir! Becoming Oracle certified associate is an biggest achievement in IT industry..

Posted By Gaja On 28-Sep-16 05:43:06 PM

Congrats sir,
i am preparing for 1z0-144 certification. could you please share your notes for quick reference it will be helpfull for me .
Thanks in advance

Posted By Anon On 24-Oct-16 09:03:00 PM

Congratulations, and thank you for posting this online.

Posted By Jeremy van Zyl On 01-Mar-18 09:50:02 AM

Congratulations, thank you for your info here. I am wanting to do my final exam for OCA shortly and found this page handy.
Thanks again.

Posted By Ram Murthy On 17-Jul-18 10:18:25 PM

Awesome sir. I know I am posting my comments years after... Still good. Ucertify is pretty expensive with PLSQL course and test prep. Can you plase suggest any alternatives ?