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Received SCJP Certificate

Today (27-Dec), I have received my Sun Certificate For Java Programming Standard Edition 5.0 (SCJP 5.0).

I have taken SCJP exam on 21st November. And as it was mentioned earlier by Sun Microsystems, after 30 days of the exam it has sent Certificate and other interesting things.

The pack that was sent is consisting of the following items :

I am making these items available to you so that candidates who are preparing for SCJP can get an idea about what these items look like.

Sun Microsystems is making these items available to you so that you can exhibit them to your co-employees, employers, clients etc. as these items prove that Sun has certified your skills in Java Programming (you know the certification is all about that - Knowing Java well and proving it to others).

If you are planning to take SCJP, do dream of getting these items one day with your name on them.