Srikanth Technologies

Sun Techdays 2009

This is my second year at Sun Techdays, a worldwide event held at HICC (Hyderabad International Convention Center). I don't think the number of delegates has come down from last year in spite of recession. Probably more students appeared this time instead of professionals.

Overall my impression about the event was O.K. Not that great. Even the theme song was very catchy last year (World Hold On by Bob Sinclair). This time I didn't find it that interesting.

I am of the opinion, you cannot have one session that interests professionals and college students. Though there are many tracks, I didn't find many of them interesting. At the end of the session, you wonder who the right audience for it is.

A funny incident took place for post-lunch session on JavaFX. Many attended the event. All thought the session some listened, some talked to their friends and some were drowsing, but at the end everyone (even those who were sleeping immediately got up) joined in applauding the speaker.

HICC is a world class centre; no one can have any complaints about it. I really missed Roman Strobl of NetBeans this time. He was the best for me last year.

Yes, James Gosling was there to talk about Java. It was good. Not every technology person can make the talk very interesting. He said next version of Java is taking more time than expected. He didn't mention when it is likely to come.

At the end, you carry with you a few gifts, memories and knowledge you gained from the sessions.