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Video course - 'C' Interview Questions - at

My on demand video course 'C' Interview Questions is now available at

This is a FREE course designed to help students to prepare for 'C' Language Interviews. This course contains questions and answers related to all important topics in C Language. It is the best way to brush up your 'C' Language knowledge before you appear for technical interviews on 'C' Language.

This is also a great way to assess your knowledge of 'C' Language. Just enroll here and test your knowledge by answering questions.

My course C Language For Beginners is meant to get you started with programming using 'C' Language. This course is strongly recommended to anyone who wishes to learn programming. I feel 'C' is the best language to get started with programming as many other languages like C++, Java and C# share the same syntax as 'C' language.

It is a no-nonsense course with everything just to the point. I respect your time and do not waste your time beating around the bush.

I request you to let me know your opinion about these courses.

Your feedback matters and enables me to improve the content to serve you better.

All the very best.

Keep learning!