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Vizag Run 2008

Vizag Run is an event where thousands of people from all walks of life and age groups participate. This is third year of Vizag run and of course I enjoyed being part of every event.

The aim is NOT just to participate, but to complete 10KM stretch. Running 10KM non-stop is not what I can do (honestly), but I completed it by running and walking.

This time my record in my opinion is not bad . The 10KM stretch starts from RK Beach to Appu Ghar, which is 5KM and then returning back to RK beach. This time my performance is; I ran non-stop for 6KM (you can see KM boards all the way) and then walked for 2 KM and ran the rest to finish line. Mind you, I was never a long distance runner and never tried to build stamina enough to run 10K non-stop. I should say I am happy I could complete the entire stretch in around 1h and 15min.

My son Praneeth, who is 10 years old, could finish all the stretch running non-stop. He finished in around 1 hour time. I am proud of him. This is the occasion to run and he does that. He is young with all the energy in the world, but certainly not spoiling his energy spraying water on others, screaming and running across disturbing others. Unfortunately that’s what many kids were doing there. I would say, if you cannot run, it’s OK, but don’t come in the way of those who are there in the true spirit of the event. Parents and teachers always have a huge role to play in bringing up children in the right way.

Running along the coast is always a treat. I always enjoy nature. I do go to beach to see Sun rise at times. Very few things in life are as beautiful as that.