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Java EE Training at Vizag Steel Plant(VSP)

I had been to Vizag Steel Plant to train employees of IT department on Java EE. The training started on 4th March and ended on 21st March with a couple of breaks in between.

The entire environment has been very familiar to me as I had already gone there twice to train them on .NET during July and August, 2010. Read my blog on that here.

Many participants were new to me and of course I was new to them. I know they heard about me from their colleagues but didn't see me in action till then. There were some students who had been in my .NET training as well.

The syllabus was good as it covers right from Java Basics to Web programming with Java EE. I also covered a couple of interesting topics like - JQuery and JasperReports - that do not come under Java EE purview.

I enjoyed every bit of it. As they have to build web applications that mimic client-server applications, I stressed more on JQuery, which can take user interface to next level. I am a big fan of JQuery and how it can make things easy. Apart from implementation of AJAX with JQuery, I also talked about AutoComplete and DatePicker components and Validation plug-in.

What they really needed was just a start. Having worked with so many different types of systems (like MainFrames, Client/Server) they can adapt to web model as well, of course given some time. So my job was to show them the way and talk about core issues, options and resources. I strongly believed they would do the rest.

I also got a chance to see how my .Net Trainees have put their .NET knowledge (which they gained before my .NET Training as well as during my training) to work by looking at their applications. Their work was to be highly commended.

I am very grateful to Mr.Chakravarthy, who has taken pain and time to show me a part of steel making process. I was so glad to see the kind of equipment they use for various operations. This time I also got the opportunity to see their club and facilities in the club. The facilities are pretty good, from a theatre to wooden badminton court to cards room - catering to all kinds of people.

During my drive to Steel Plan, I listened to "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey and "Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. I found both the books very interesting and felt happy to use the driving time productively. Not much to write about driving as there were no rains and it was always sunny. No new routes explored as I stuck to tried and tested route.

I had the opportunity to have a picture with most of my trainees (some missed) on Saturday (19th) afternoon.

A big thanks is due to Mr. Thyagaraju Garu for giving me this opportunity.