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Enabling CORS in Django

By default, it is not allowed for a domain to access an API hosted in another domain. When a domain ( wants to access a resource in another domain (, it is called Cross Origin request, which is disabled by default for security reasons.

When we want to allow our REST API hosted in our Django application to be accessed from other applications hosted on other server, we must enable CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

Click here for more information about CORS.

In this blog, I explain steps to be taken to enable CORS in Django application.


Take the following steps to enable CORS for Rest API hosted in Django application. I assume you already have REST API developed and hosted. I just focus on how to allow resources to be accessed from cross domain.

That's all you have to do to access resources of django application from other applications hosted on other servers.

For further reference, use the following resources:

cors-headers project in github.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing documentation by Mozilla.