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How to use Quincy 2005 to write, compile and run C programs

Quincy is freeware open-source. It is a simple programming environment for C/C++ on Windows. It contains an editor, a compiler, a debugger, and graphics and GUI toolkits.

I found it appealing as it supports Windows 7 and Windows 8, which some of other C compilers (like old Turbo C) do not support.

Al Stevens originally produced Quincy to accompany a C++ tutorial book and as a project for the C Programming column of Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Quincy is named after Al Stevens' daughter's cat.

Downloading and installing Quincy 2005

Follow the steps below to download and install Quincy 2005.

Writing, Compiling and Running first C Program

Follow the steps given below to create a new C program in Quincy, compile and run it.

Quincy 2005 is an IDE for C programming. It is one of the best IDEs for C language on Window. So get started with the above steps and enjoy C programming.

Srikanth Pragada