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Oracle Database 12c For Beginners - Srikanth Pragada

Oracle Database 12c For Beginners is written by Srikanth Pragada. Primarily aimed at programmers who would like to get started with Oracle Database 12c. It covers SQL and PL/SQL. It is a hands-on book. Readers are expected to use Oracle Database 12c to try examples given in this book.

Alternatively, you can create free account provided by Oracle Application Express to try examples in this book.

Each chapter is followed by exercises.

Answers for all exercises are provided so that readers can check correctness of their answers.

You can buy Kindle Edition of this book in Amazon, which is priced at INR 249 .

Books in Kindle format can be read using Kindle Device or Kindle Application provided by Amazon for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, IOS etc.

Download SQL Script to create tables .

Download SQL Script to insert data into tables .