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C Language Course Details

This is typically the first course one must take to learn programming. This course lays foundation for programming.

Prerequisite Computer Fundamentals
Theory Fee Rs.3000/-
Lab Fee Rs.500/-
Software Required Turbo C for Windows OR Code Blocks
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Types of programming langauges
  • Introduction to C Language
  • Introduction to IDE
  • Language Elements
  • Operators
  • Control Statements - if and switch
  • Looping Structures
  • Characters Handling
  • Arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • String Handling
  • User-defined functions
  • Storage classes
  • Pointers
  • Pointer notation vs. Array notation
  • Structures
  • Unions, Typedef and Enumeration
  • Pre-processor commands
  • File Handling
  • Binary Files and Random Access
  • Command Line Arguments
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Linked List