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Oracle Database Course Details

This course covers concepts of DBMS, SQL and PL/SQL. This is a must-to-do course for any programmer using database as back-end.

prerequisite Knowledge of computers. Programming knowledge is a plus.
Theory Fee (Classroom) Rs. 3500/- (Includes digital course material)
Theory Fee (Online) Rs. 3500/- (Includes digital course material)
Lab Fee for Classroom Students Rs. 750/-
Digital or Physical Certificate Fee Rs. 200/-
Software Required

Introduction to DBMS

  • What is DBMS
  • Relational Data Models
  • Data integrity rules
  • Normalization
  • Introduction to data processing methods - Client/Server
  • Oracle Architecture


  • Creating Tables
  • Identify columns
  • Integrity Constraints
  • Adding, updating and dropping columns
  • Transaction and locking
  • Functions
  • Grouping data
  • Using ROLLUP and CUBE
  • Query Row Limits and Row Offsets
  • Joining tables
  • ANSI Join
  • Sub queries
  • Working with TOPn analysis
  • Views
  • Materialized Views
  • Using indexes
  • Security
  • Flashback query
  • MERGE statement
  • Multitable insert
  • Using Regular Expressions
  • Fine Grained Dependency tracking

PL/SQL Programming

  • What is PL/SQL
  • Structure of PL/SQL block
  • Control statement
  • CASE expression
  • Creating and using Records
  • Working with Collections
  • Exception handling
  • Cursor handling
  • Writing stored procedures and functions
  • Definer rights vs. Invoker's rights
  • Packages
  • Database triggers
  • Compound Triggers
  • Dynamic SQL with Native dynamic SQL