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Java EE + Hibernate + Spring

This course teaches how to use Java EE, Hibernate and Spring to build Web Applications.

You must have completed Java SE course before taking this course.

Prerequisite Java Language (Java SE) and SQL
Theory Fee (Classroom) Rs. 4500/- (Includes digital course material)
Theory Fee (Online) Rs. 4500/- (Includes digital course material)
Lab Fee for Classroom Students Rs. 1000/-
Digital or Physical Certificate Fee Rs. 200/-
Description This course teaches how to develop web applications using Java EE, Hibernate and Spring
Software Required

JDBC - Java Database Connectivity

  • Connection to Oracle using different types of drivers
  • Using Statement and PreparedStatement
  • Working with ResultSet and ResultSetMetaData
  • Scrollable and updatable ResultSet
  • Calling stored procedures using CallableStatement
  • Understanding relationship between JDBC API and drivers
  • Transaction management
  • Batch update
  • Pros and cons of different types of drivers
  • RowSets
  • Using Connection pool and data sources
  • Working with LOBs

HTML,CSS, JavaScript and XML

  • Understanding HTML tags
  • Creating HTML forms
  • Working with Cascading style sheet
  • Using JavaScript for client-side scripting

Java Servlets

  • Understanding web application structure
  • Creating a Servlet and calling it
  • Understanding HTTP methods – doGet(), doPost()
  • Life cycle of servlet and init parameters
  • Creating and using Cookies
  • Creating and using Http sessions
  • Request dispatching
  • File uploading
  • Working with Listeners
  • Using filters

JSP (Java Server Pages)

  • Structure of Java server page
  • JSP containing code and form
  • Using implicit objects in JSP
  • Using JavaBeans with JSP
  • Accessing database from JSP
  • Working with expression language

JSTL (Java Server Pages Tag Library)

  • Understanding JSTL tags
  • Working with core and formatting tags
  • Working with sql tags

AJAX and jQuery

  • What is AJAX
  • Using XMLHttpRequest object to make request
  • Servlet/JSP sending XML & JSON
  • Using JavaScript to process XML DOM and JSON
  • What is jQuery and how to work with selectors in jQuery
  • Using JQuery to make AJAX request


  • What is ORM
  • What is Hibernate
  • Components of Hibernate
  • How to persist objects using Hibernate
  • How to use map using XML and Annotations
  • Instance states
  • How to generate ID
  • How to implement Inheritance in Hibernate
  • Working with relationship between entities - association
  • Transactions in Hibernate
  • Querying with HQL (Hibernate Query Language)
  • Various other forms of querying - Criteria, QBE etc.

Spring Core and Spring Data

  • Introduction to Spring Framework and Spring Boot
  • Using Maven
  • Understanding IOC and Dependency Injection
  • Understanding the bean life-cycle
  • Auto wiring and bean scopes
  • Adding behavior to an application using aspects - AOP
  • Creating and applying aspects
  • Spring Expression Language (SpEL)
  • Introducing data access with Spring - JDBC through spring
  • Transactions in a Spring environment
  • Using Hibernate in Spring

Spring MVC and Spring REST

  • Introduction to MVC
  • Components and configuration of Spring MVC
  • Creating controller, model and view
  • Controller Annotations, model attributes and ViewResolvers
  • Working with Forms
  • Spring Tags
  • Validation
  • Interceptors
  • Using AJAX and jQuery
  • Introduction to Spring Rest
  • Page layout and related topics
  • Building Restful Services
  • Consuming RESTFul Service using jQuery