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Looking back at 2008

As we are about to cross 2008, I would like to share my experience in 2008 with readers.

Started in Hospital

Year 2008 started in a Hospital for me. I spent 31st Dec night at a Hospital as my father underwent a surgery. I had to be content wishing Doctors and Nurses, patients and near and dear of the patients. Of course I could wish some near and dear through phone. No one would like to start a new year being in a Hospital. Taking care of my father was more important at that time than any celebrations of New Year. Otherwise, I would start New Year with a small party at my house, which includes a few friends and family members. The ones who really wish you should be well in the coming year.

Visited Kerala

During Pongal season, I went to Kerala along with my family. We had a good time at Munnar, Tekhadi and Cochin. Greenery was too good. As I carried laptop along with me, children had good time watching movies all through (even in train).

Attended Sun Techdays At HICC, Hyderabad

During last week of Feb, I was at Hyderabad International Convention Centre attending Sun TechDays, an event conducted by Sun Microsystems to educate professionals regarding products of Sun Microsystems. The focus was mainly on Java and related products and Sun solaris operating systems. A mega event at a very high tech place (HICC). To be honest, at the end of the event, when I asked myself what did I gain technically from that, I didn’t get a very positive answer. However, the experience was good and I got a  bag, t-shirt and a couple of mugs and pens to remember the event. It was here that I purchased Voucher for Sun Exam. I committed to write one more Sun Certification Exam in February itself. (I actually did that in November). By then I was SCJP and SCWCD. I had desire to write one more. I was not sure whether it was EJB related or Web Services related. Eventually I have chosen EJB.

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A very satisfying day on Cricket field

Apart from my Profession and family, my other love is my sports activity. Be it jogging or playing cricket or soccer or even carrom, I never miss any opportunity that comes my way. I really enjoy being in ground and playing games. Though I played a lot of cricket prior to  my profession, I never won a match for my team in chasing. My desire was fulfilled on 10th Apr, at Railways ground in a crucial league match for my Club - Avengers, which is in II division of District Cricket league. Batting first, opponents scored 159 and we started badly losing 4 wickets for 20 runs. I am a wicket-keeper cum batsman and play at one-drop. I scored 81 N.O. to steer my team to victory. Of course I was supported by Loknath, who scored 52 N.O. It was a very satisfying knock considering the stake of the game.

A trip to Kodaikanal by Road

In the month of April, me and my friends went to Kodaikanal by Road. We started in Vizag on 26th Apr and the entire trip has come to 3000 KM. It was wonderful to drive through the roads (some good, some bad). Santro Xing was quite ideal for the purpose with ease of drive and good AC. Mind you it was summer and summer in Tamilnadu is never easy. That was the longest drive we had by road so far. Driving was not painful as some would think. Three of us drove approximately 1000 KM each.

Training at Kenexa

Though I am not very keen about Corporate training (as generally I am busy with my regular classes), somehow I accepted the offer from kenexa. I started the training programme  on 12th Aug and it went up to 20th Sep. I really had a wonderful training programme at Kenexa. The assignment was to teach .NET to freshers recruited by Kenexa. Located at Rushikonda, you can see the scenic beauty of sea and hills at the same time. It was not just Scenic beauty that made me happy, it was my trainees and other concerned people at Kenexa. Read my blog Kenexa Training here.

SCJP Workshop on 28th Sep

Having gained some knowledge about Sun Certification through my SCJP and SCWCD, I was always willing to share my knowledge and experience with students who are aspiring for Sun Certification. So I have decided to conduct a workshop to share my knowledge, experience, and opinions about Sun Certification. The workshop was well attended and I achieved what I wanted to (share my knowledge).

Acquired Sun Certified Business Component Developer Certification With 96%

Generally I get some free time during November. I made use of it in the last two years by clearing SCJP and SCWCD exams. This year my target was SCBCD 5.0. I started the preparation in the month of Oct, but intensified it in the month of Nov. Took exam on 18th November and scored 96%. I got 59 out of 61 questions correct.

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Attended Landmark Forum Course at Hyderabad

I was suggested by good friends of mine to do Landmark Forum course offered by Land Mark Education, USA. The course teaches how to live life powerfully. Balwinder Singh Sodhi, a Chartered Accountant and former Microsoft India employee took the sessions. The way he handled 300 members and explained and solved some personal problems of people was amazing. The course was a full time intensive 3 days course, which teaches how to live life powerfully. There are a few things that stop us from doing things we really need to do. Identifying these mental blocks and moving forward is what life is all about. Though the course was very intensive (imagine having sessions from 9 AM to 11 PM), the character of Sodhi made it really interesting.

Participated in Vizag Run, 2008

Though this is not new for me to participate in Vizag run, this time I have performed better than last two years. 

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